Caricature Wedding and Marriage Invitation cards

Personalized Caricature Wedding Cards for Friends and Family to distribute during your marriage. Our unique range of custom caricature cards will definitely get noticed among your friends and family, we can make your caricature cards suitable to your family invite as well.



Caricature Invitations are the new trend among youths and younger generation ready for getting married. Caricature Invitation shows your real character on the wedding invitation and this will really get your friends and family to notice and understand your wedding card without you explain to them about the wedding card.


If you are looking for such wedding cards you can contact or check out the website for choosing your personalized wedding card for you.

ecard or e-card for wedding invitation


These cards can be shared on all social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp and more you can invite all your friends by sending these ecards to all your friends and family.



The best part about these invites are it was perfectly crafted for the couple who are getting married and it’s unique among all the other cards out there in the market. These invitations carry your own portrait and asking your friends to come for your dream wedding day to witness the cute couple on the day.


Hindu personalized caricature card for wedding


caricature wedding card


These cards can also be turned into physical cards to welcome your family and extended family for the wedding invite. don’t be bored by the old traditional wedding card that everyone chooses for their wedding. Select the caricature wedding card which will be awesome and fun to distribute during your wedding.

caricature wedding invitation for marriage in chennai


These caricature cards will show the custom and tradition that you are carried during your upbringing in the wedding invitation.  The above card which shows the couple are getting married in the Hindu traditional way, The couple conveyed all the information through the card in a witty manner.

bikers caricature card for wedding


The above caricature where the couple enjoys riding on the bike shows the couple loves traveling, they are inviting the friends and family during the marriage ceremony so that they can understand what kind of couple they are and friends can gift them a travel package for a different destination to pump their adrenaline after marriage.

Gamer wedding invitation for marriage cards


Pubg the gamer couple required a card to show they are hardcore gamers and getting married and this invitation shows how these couples met during the game and gonna tie the knot.


gamer caricature wedding card for marriage


christian caricature card

caricature theme based wedding invitation for special wedding