Radha Krishna wedding invitation card

Radhakrishna signifies the unique blending of the Goddess-gopi Radha and her adored Krishna, two significant deities in the Hindu Vaishnavite custom. Radhakrishna is not any romantic relationship or just the combination of the feminine and the masculine: it symbolizes the soul seeking the Divine Love.

Radha appeared on earth, 5000 years ago. This particular day is known as ‘Radha Ashtami,’ celebrated 15 days after Lord Krishna’s birthday, during the month of ‘Bhadrapada’ in the Hindu calendar (August or September in the Gregorian calendar). Hindus believe that fasting and praying for the deity that day carries a flourishing and joyful life.

Radha is an avatar of the goddess Lakshmi, the female energy or ‘Shakti’ of the god Vishnu. Lakshmi reincarnated on earth as a ‘gopi’ (cow-herding girl) in the village of Barsana near Vrindavan in present-day Uttar Pradesh.

Krishna (‘dark’ or ‘dark-blue’ in Sanskrit) is the son of King Vasudeva and Queen Devaki, who was the sister of Kamsa, the tyrant of Mathura in present-day Uttar Pradesh. Kamsa, hearing a prophecy that the child of Devaki would assassinate him, killed the first seven children of his sister, but the eighth child, Krishna, was saved by Lord Vishnu and brought to the village of Gokul where he was raised by the chief of the shepherds, Nanda, and his wife, Yashoda.

All legends in India have a profound spiritual significance: the war of Kurukshetra symbolizes the inner battle against our dark side; The same applies to the relationship between Radha and Krishna, which can not reduce to a passionate relationship among a man and a woman: Radhakrishna bond is considered the top form of love, the godly love.

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