Saree dhoti wedding Invitation card

Indian saree dhoti Wedding card

Saree dhoti wedding invitation for Indian wedding

The Saree dhoti Wedding card which depicts Indian culture, The traditional wear for South Indian marriages, This is a complete handmade card show the luxury feel when you give this card to your friends and family.

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This wedding card is crafted with love and designed by the some of the best wedding card designer from South India.

Tamil Iyer wedding card

Front view of the Wedding card showing Saree and Dhoti, This wedding invitation uses some of the best and expensive resources for the wedding card.

Close up view of the wedding card, This is a complete Screen printing card, Screen printing gives some of the greatest richness to the card which cannot be done using Digital Color printing.

tamil wedding card for marriage

Inside look of the card, This wedding card has 2 inserts, which can be expanded many inserts one for sangeet one for marriage and whatever occasion we are coming across.

sangeet card